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  • Government of Jammu & Kashmir
  • حکومت جموں و کشمیر


Q. How can I apply for a Dairy/Poultry/Sheep/Fish Farm?

A. Please get in touch with your concerned district officer of Animal/Sheep/Fisheries Department for submission of forms & awareness about the due procedures.

Q. Does the Department provide avenues for employment generation?

A. Yes there are various centrally sponsored schemes & Capex schemes under which livestock units & other benefits are given to the interested beneficiaries as per guidelines & modalities fixed under the scheme.

Q. Can I establishing a Dairy processing unit?

A. Sure, You can apply for one in your district Chief Animal Husbandry office.

Q. How can I get a trout angling license?

A. Please get in touch with Directorate of Fisheries or your concerned district officer of Fisheries Department.