• जम्मू और कश्मीर सरकार
  • Government of Jammu & Kashmir
  • حکومت جموں و کشمیر


Animal/Sheep Husbandry Department is responsible for overall control of matters relating to production, protection and improvement of livestock, dairy and poultry. The Department is pivotal to evaluate and access Central Acts, Schemes, and Developmental Programs for their implementation in the UT through line departments. Ensuring consonance to financial and administrative regulations of the UT with regard to implementation of various Central and Capex schemes by line departments.

Cabinet Minister/Advisor to the Governor heads the Department while as the Administrative Secretary heads the executive wing of the Department. The Field machinery is headed by following five Directors:

  • Director, Animal Husbandry Department, Jammu
  • Director, Animal Husbandry Department, Kashmir
  • Director, Sheep Husbandry Department, Jammu
  • Director, Sheep Husbandry Department, Kashmir
  • Director, Fisheries Department, Jammu & Kashmir

The adoption of modern technology started in 1954 when Artificial Breeding was introduced. In 1965 the Sheep Husbandry Department was carved out of the Animal Husbandry Department to look after the sheep development in the State. In 1982 these twin departments were further divided into two directorates each looking after the two divisions of Jammu and Kashmir. The Animal/Sheep Husbandry Departments extend health and breeding cover to livestock of the UT.

Similarly, owing to successful, introduction and subsequent establishment of trout in the valley of Kashmir in 1900 AD, the Department of Fisheries was created in 1903 AD and was known as Department of “Game Preservation” initially. Till 1978 the activities of the department remained confined to sport fisheries and conservation of natural water resources. In 1978 the department was re-organized for effective promotion and development of Fishing and Fisheries and its associated activities.

Functions :

Moderating the overall activities of development, creation of requisite infrastructure in the UT for improving animal productivity, promoting infrastructure for handling, processing and marketing of milk and milk products, preservation and protection of livestock through provision of health care.

The Department looks after the following sectors:

  • Animal Husbandry: Caters to healthcare & development of bovines, equines, poultry & other livestock species and pets as companion animals.
  • Sheep Husbandry: Ovine, caprine & rabbit development.
  • Fisheries: Functions to preserve and conserve bio diversity of the water bodies and ensure sustainable yield from water bodies.