Name of the State Sector Scheme
Direction and Administration
Genetic Improvement. of the Livestock
Diagnostic/Fleece Testing Lab.
Integrated Sample Survey.
Purchase of Machinery equipment.
Loan to B.V.Sc Scholars.
Fodder Development.
Mutton Dev. In Orchard Areas
Establishment of Mini Sheep farms
Infrastructure development under RIDF(NABARD)
Infrastructure development under RIDF(NABARD) (95:05)
Improvement. Of Goats for Mutton & Milch
Strengthening. Of farms by way land Dev.
Purchase of Livestock (Rams)
Foot and mouth disease control
Assistance to State for Control of Animal Diseases (ASCAD)(75:25)
Training. Of Para-vets
Machine Shearing Cum Training Scheme
Name of the District Sector Scheme
Direction and Administration
Promotion of Scientific Management among private breeders.
Improvement of Migratory routes.
Subsidy/Incentives  to Chopans.