Code Name of the State Sector Scheme
0010Direction and Administration
0020 Genetic Improvement/construction of existing laboratories
0040 Diagnostic/Fleece Testing laboratory
0060 Integrated Sample Survey for estimation for livestock prod. (CSS)
0090 Training, Publicity/Seminars
0190 Assistance to State for control of animal diseases (ASCAD) CSS
0200 Strengthening of Government. Farms by way of land development
0210 Improvement of Goat in Private. Sector for mutton & milk
0220 Establishment of Mutton Development Project border belt
0230 Introduction of Para-Vet Service Scheme Establishment of Mini Sheep Farms (subsidy) RIDF (NABARD Loan)
Code Name of the District Sector Scheme
0010 Direction & Administration.
0060 Genetic Improvement/const. Of existing Farms/SECs
0070 Diagnostic/Fleece Testing