Code Name of the State Sector Scheme
0010Direction and Administration
0020 Frozen Semen/Intensive Cattle Development Programme
0030 Semen Bank
0070 Central Institute & Specialized Lab.
0100 Central Veterinary Hospital
0120 Liverfluke cum Rinderpest
0150 Poultry Dev. Programme
0170 Publicity Wing
0180 Loans to BVSc Scholars
0200 Systematic Control of Livestock Diseases
0210 Animal Disease Surveillance
0230 Foot and Mouth Disease Control Programme
0240 Integrated Sample Survey
0260 Special Livestock Breeding Programme
0310 Establishment/augmentation of Poultry Disease/ELISA laboratory at Zakura
0410 Strengthening of Fodder Seed Farm
0430 Evolving of high producing hybrid layer
0440 Biological Products
0450 Assistance to States for Control of Animal Diseases (ASCAD)-CSS*
0460 Asst. to States for Poultry Farms (CSS)
0470 Trainings
New Establishment of Zanskari Equine Breeding farms at Nowgam Kandi Baramullalla and Aru Pahalgam
New Establishment of hatchery in district Baramulla (under NABARD)
New Establishment of Pure/Graded Bull Mother Farm at Ranbirbagh
New Establishment of Modern Diagnostic Lab at Zig Lower Munda
New Introduction/rearing/dev. of Quails/Turkey
New Para vet Scheme
New Establishment of Poultry Estate (CSS)
New Providing of Diagnostic & Obstetric tools
New Introduction of high pedigree important semen
New Providing of Insurance to Ponies Amar Nath Yatra.
New Up keeping of Double humped camel /Zanaskari Horse
New Construction of Veterinary. Centers under (NABARD)
New Providing of health care through mobile units
Code Name of the District Sector Scheme
0010 Direction and Administration
0020 Frozen Semen/ICD Programme
0060 District Labs
0080 Poultry Dev. Programme
0100 Drugs
0110 Sera Vaccines
0120 Special Livestock Breeding Programme
0130 Works/Restoration of damaged buildings
0140 Holding up of Livestock Shows/Kissan Conferences