Animal Husbandry:
  1. National Project For Cattle And Buffalo Breeding (NPCBB).
  2. Livestock Health and Disease Control.
    1. Assistance to States for Control of Animal Disease (ASCAD).
    2. National Project on Rinderpest Eradication(NPRE)
    3. National Animal Disease Reporting System(NADRS)
  3. Poultry Development
    1. Assistance to State Poultry Farms/Projects.
    2. Rural Backyard Poultry Development Scheme.
  4. Conservation of Threatened Breeds of Small Ruminants, Pig, Equines, Camel & Yak.
  5. Feed and Fodder
    1. Establishment of Fodder Block Making Unit .
    2. Grassland Development including Grass Reserves.
    3. Introduction of hand driven chaff cutter.
    4. Introduction of power driven chaff cutter.
  6. Integrated Dairy Development Programme.
  7. Strengthening infrastructure for Quality and Clean Milk Production.
  8. Livestock Insurance
  1. Integrated Sample Survey of Major Livestock Products (ISS)
  2. Assistance to States in the conduct of Livestock Census.
  3. Central Mini-kit Testing Programme on Fodder Crops.
  4. Central Herd Registration Programme (CHRS).
  5. Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (DEDS).
  6. Poultry Venture Capital Fund Scheme.
World Bank Aided Programme:
  • Preparedness Control and Containment of Avian Influenza.