Resources Available:


 Livestock Population:
  1. As per 18th livestock census 2007, the State has 34.43 lakh cattle (49% crossbred), 10.5 lakh buffaloes, 20.63 lakh goats, 36.85 lakh sheep (60% crossbred), 62000 yak, 1.05 lakh horses and ponies, and 58.55 lakh poultry.
  2. Between 2003 and 2007, the population of almost all species regis-tered a slight growth. However there has been increase in crossbred cattle (from 13.2 to 16.2 lakh) and Yak (from 0.47 to 0.62lakh) and decrease in horses and ponies (from 1.72 to 1.05 lakh). Apparently, the numbers are getting stabilized to the available feed resources and production environment.
  3. Around 50% of the total cattle population in the state has been up-graded in to high yielding cross bred variety viz Cross Bred Jer-sey(CBJ) and Cross Bred Holstein Friesian(CBHF).
  4. Most of the buffalo population is migratory, with majority in Jammu region. Majority of this buffalo bulls have been introduced in these local stocks for genetic up-gradation by natural service. In addition to this Artificial Insemination is being carried out by field A.I centers.
  5. Sheep sector which was a priority sector in eighties, keeping the im-portance of wool industry in view, has shown phenomenal growth by way of it being upgraded to around 60%. However the desirability of this up-gradation was focused on production of fine wool traits, which resulted in evolving of Kashmir merino. With priority now shifting to production of mutton, rearing of mutton type sheep has been taken up since late nineties.
  6. In addition, the State has some valuable genetic resources viz. goat breeds for Pashmina, Zanaskari horses and double hump camel.Though these species are being developed, for specific role in aug-menting the rural economy by introduction new scientific methods of rearing and selective breeding.